Collaborative Studio Project, designed with industrial designer Audrey Torrence. Fall 2017.
Small batch product design studio, where students were prompted to conceptualize, design, manufacture and sell a quantity of 15
of a product in a pop-up shop at the end of the semester.
JUNCTA consists of a desk organizer and planner, to create a new solution to the problem of personal organization. USING of mixed materials, JUNCTA creates products that are purposeful, playful and productive.
Audrey and I, at the opening reception of the pop-up shop (left);  JUNCTA final products (middle); Audrey and I outside the pop-up shop in Over The Rhine, Cincinnati OH​​​​​​​
User Interviews lead us to pursue creating two products — one for the mentally organized and one for the physically organized.
We conducted 8 interviews with students and young professionals who described themselves as organized. Through these interviews, we discovered there were different kinds of organized people — mentally organized and physically organized.
Our research drove us to narrow down what these two products would be  — a desk organizational unit and a planner, and the aesthetic of the products and brand — purposeful, playful, productive.
Final Design
DESK ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT — Combining elements of wood and metal to fully embrace an element of color and strive for playfulness, the desk organizational unit allows users to organize as they see fit — with some small customizable options.
Each metal box contained (2) removable wood boxes that connected via magnets into the metal and (1) removable "wall" to contain items in the first compartment.​​​​​​​
PLANNER — Playing off the mixed materials and pops of color, the planner layouts and organization aligned with the users need to organize all aspects of their life, including financially and to-do's monthly and weekly. The planner contains (12) undated monthly layouts, (12) financial planning spreads and (52) undated weekly spreads.

JUNCTA means unity. We saw this brand as two unifying products, and additionally giving a tribute back to the Queen City, Cincinnati, as we built these products from the bottom, up, all in Cincinnati.
Desk Organizational Unit Audrey was able to model and create production files for our metal pieces, which we outsourced locally to Modern Sheet Metal in Cincinnati, Ohio. We then had the metal boxes powder coated in the bright blue color of the JUNCTA brand. For the removable wood pieces, we took this on ourselves — hours of cutting, gluing and sanding each box and wall individually — then inserting magnets into the bottom of the pieces so they would perfectly fit into the metal. We then adhered wooden dowels to the metal lids, epoxied wooden handles to the lids and embedded a magnet here to keep the lid closed.
Planner — I was able to layout and print all of our planner layouts. Long nights were spent making the planner covers — a chipboard covered in blue canvas. We were able to use production tools at ACCO Brands in Dayton, Ohio (one of Audrey's past co-ops!) to punch holes in our planner layouts and covers. We then were able to hand-bind all the pieces together with white metal spirals. The elastic pencil holders were hand-dyed yellow and sewn together to provide a marker to hold a place in the planner and bring in more brand color.
On top of production of the  JUNCTA products, I took on the creation of the branding elements of our pop up shop, The Factory — including displays for the window, social media pieces for promotion, photography of the students in the studio and designs for sandwich boards around the pop-up shop.
Checkout some photos from the pop up shop below!
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