Tried and New
Passion project and side hustle.
Brand and visual system for Tried and New, a second-hand and vintage online storefront.
The Story
As a lover for collecting, thrifting, antiquing, I have always had an appreciation for things and hold sentimental value to them.
Items and things in our lives often have stories: whether it be a time, place, person or memory.
The reseller market has been booming over the last few years and I wanted to dip my toes in.
Part of the fun is creating a brand and visual system that's been implemented on social media and packaging.
The Brand​​​​​​​

Tried and New brings curated second-hand goods to your home. Items are used, but new to you, and have a lot of life left to live.
Focusing on home goods and wares, the goods are timeless pieces and made of materials that are made to last.

Other Work

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