A few bucket list items that say a lot about me...
Visit all 58 National Parks in the US (6/58)
Road trip and visit the National Parks of Croatia
Name a Crayola Crayon color
Touch a musician from the front row at a concert (COMPLETED)
Write a recipe in a cookbook
See the Northern Lights
Design + make a planner (COMPLETED)
Be in the audience at the taping of the Ellen show
Eat a meal at Alinea Chicago
Start a Blog/Vlog/YouTube Channel about my travels + photography
Attend a championship game of a sports team I love (i.e., Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Finals, etc)

I'm a recent grad of the Graphic Communication Design program at the University of Cincinnati. 
You can checkout the work of my class @ grcd2019final.com and on social media @grcd2019_final, my friends are super talented.
I'm beginning my design career as a Branded Environments Designer at Perkins and Will Chicago.
Wanna chat? You can reach me at 614.563.6309 or bovajc@gmail.com
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