Habitat for Humanity: Chicago
Work completed with the Branded Environments group at Perkins and Will Chicago.
The Chicago area Habitat for Humanity team recently relocated to a new office space as their team and programs expanded in 2019. To tell the story of the two Chicago neighborhoods H4H's work is currently focused in, Greater Grand Crossing and West Pullman, we proposed two concepts with impactful brand moments and storytelling throughout.
Building Up
Inspired by the hands on work completed by staff, volunteers and program participants, this concept
interprets the
materiality of build sites. The design is dimensional and tactile, highlighting the successes and ongoing projects of all involved in Habitat for Humanity.
Neighborhood Connections
Drawing inspiration from the pieces and parts that make up West Pullman and Greater Grand Crossing, this concept showcases the community focus of Chicago Habitat. Using a unique pattern and bold color, the design is bright and expressive while incorporating personal touches throughout.

Other Work

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