Pinterest Toronto

Work completed with Media-Objectives.

Pinterest’s new office in Toronto, Ontario connects visitors and employees to the local culture
and uses architectural forms and key visual identity elements to connect to Pinterest’s global brand.
Each Pinterest office feels unique, eclectic and celebrates the local culture,
cuisine, style and icons in which the office is found.
Bringing Pinterest, the home of inspiration, to life in Toronto, Canada, meant bringing excitement to the physical space
by connecting to the happenings outside of the office and celebrating the well-known elements of Canada.

From experiential themed conference rooms to communal spaces bringing the outdoors in, each space feels
different from the last. The experience takes visitors down a path of discovery in the physical world, similar to
that of the digital exploration one may find on Pinterest.
The Space
The Conference Room Experience
Denim Conference Room
Taking a closer look at different elements of the iconic Canadian Tuxedo and the denim pieces used to create it, exploration of two and three dimensional visuals of pocket stitching, buttons, tags, and patches were explored.
The final design solution uses the entire wall surface as a denim clothing piece, covered in custom patches displaying parts and pieces of the Pinterest visual brand and core values of the company.
"Pin Codes", the QR code of Pinterest, used in the Pinterest App to link to a specific Pinterest Board, are hidden throughout each conference room, connecting the theme's inspiration from the physical space to the digital world.
Buffalo Plaid Conference Room
Warm, cozy and quirky, Buffalo Plaid was explored through an atypical lens. While one may know the typical fall uniform of a red Buffalo Plaid flannel shirt, this design flips the script with Canadian woodland animals sporting the design on warm winter sweaters.
Natural wood tones are brought in through furniture and finishes, bringing the woodland experience to life in the room.
Poutine Conference Room
A long time Canadian staple, Poutine has been served around the country for years and brought to Toronto by Smoke's in 2008. Leaning into the retro diner feel, the Poutine Conference room celebrates these local Toronto establishments through weathered and worn vintage inspired lit signage, while the color palette makes your stomach rumble.
Tufted vinyl "seating" runs across one wall, bringing to life the feel of a vintage diner booth.
Conference Room Distraction Film
Custom icons were created to accompany the design of each conference room theme for the glazing distraction film. A simple white gradient design system was implemented to align with the Pinterest standard conference room film and allow for the row of conference rooms on each floor to feel cohesive. From the outside, a uniform design hints at the individuality of each room's theme found inside.
Elevator Lobby Distraction Film
Utilizing the Pin Grid, a key element of the Pinterest Brand, custom distraction film was created
for each of the elevator lobbies across the three floors of the Pinterest Toronto space. 
Identifying the amenities and services unique to each floor, a custom icon system was developed
and dispersed throughout the Pin Grid.
Icons related to nature are shown on the 7th floor - connecting to the themed areas such as Glamping (shown) and the Greenhouse.
A Glimpse at the Rest of the Space​​​​​​​
See more images of the placemaking design, as well as the wayfinding system at
Interior Design by Gensler Toronto. Photography by A-Frame and Ian Vecchiotti.​​​​​​​

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