Lindbergh High School
Work completed with the Branded Environments group at Perkins and Will Chicago.

Brand experiences for two spaces at the new Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri, to create a sense of place and excitement amongst students and staff.
Main Entry | Brand Story
• Bold and impactful vertical composition compliments overall space.
• Formal greeting and identity with adaptable digital content
• Dimensional texture provides opportunity for unique color, materials and lighting experience

Bold use of color        |       Create strong focal point        |        Digital monitor integration        |        Contrasting scales of information
This simple solution creates purpose and rhythm, connecting the brand elements to the architectural elements. The design creates both vertical and horizontal motion as you move about the space and see the transition of color from various points of view.
Commons and Gym Entry | Brand Story
• Impactful large scale identity
• Bold, dimensional components that create engagement
• Digital screens for athletics program banners
•​​​​​​​ Color/gradient focus around Lindbergh green
Strong color presence  |  Student focused message  |  Use of imagery/pattern to create visual rhythm  |  Inclusion of Lindbergh identity
The simplicity, practicality and interactivity of this design made the most sense for student and staff use within the space. The bold pattern and colors speak to the Lindbergh brand and hint at the athletics story, with the new gymnasium behind the wall.

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