Pinterest Chicago

Work completed with Media-Objectives.

Pinterest Chicago moves the team to a different office and looks at creating a new type of space for the future of work.
 Celebrating all things Chicago, the inspiring and creative spaces allow employees
and Pinterest Creators alike to find inspiration and create every day.

Each Pinterest office feels unique, eclectic and celebrates the local culture,
cuisine, style and icons in which the office is found.
When you think Chicago,  we all know the big icons – the Bean, the Sears Tower, Wrigley Field – but as you ride the L or take a riverboat cruise, there's plenty more to discover. Whether you're a local or visitor, there is no shortage of inspiration.
Not forgetting its history, but not stuck in the past, the Windy City is a rich collage with ideas both new and old, classic and fresh. Broad strokes and minuscule details that honor old school Chi roots while reimagining for tomorrow.​​​​​​​
The Brand Story and Space​​​​​​​
As you circulate through the space, inspiration and theming subtly transitions from outdoor spaces to
well known places, to niche and local spots.
Connecting the Pinterest Brand to the old and new of Chicago, common and gathering spaces reflect the energetic nature of the Chicago Riverwalk, which Pinterest's office location sits upon. Experiential themed conference rooms celebrate a variety of themes that are quintessiential to this capital of the Midwest.
Common Spaces
Nodding to the iconic square tile of the CTA L Stations, the reception area invites visitors and employees in with the inspiration of transit around the city. Welcomed with the warm red and pink tones, tied to both the core Pinterest brand as well as the rust red tones of Chicago's bridges, the space is inviting and familiar, to start the experience.
Taking inspiration from the many deep dish pizza establishments around the city, classic elements of the restaurant interiors is reimagined through the lens of the Pinterest brand. The space feels unique and inspiring while still feeling cohesive with the riverwalk theme around it.

The Conference Room Experience
Sports Conference Room
Deep diving into the nostalgic culture of beloved Chicago sports teams. The design aims to capture the essence of the stadium experience found around the city and the energetic nature from a fan's point of view. The room also celebrates all the men's and women's professional sports teams in Chicago with the memorabilia gallery wall.
Travel Conference Room
The Station focuses on the interior design and architecture of Union Station, as a midwest hub for travel of the past, present and future. This room aims to capture the subtle and intricate design elements found throughout. What may be simple in color is balanced with the thoughtful details incorporated from the custom dimensional molding to the pops of bronze signage elements.
Music Conference Room
A space that celebrates Chicago's rich music scene across genres, venues and festivals. Exploring the deep, rich colors and dark intimate setting of jazz clubs like the Green Mill Lounge in the design execution.
Museum Campus Heads Down Niche
Focusing on the Field Museum found on Museum Campus, this area strives to replicate the smaller, intimate exhibition experience found once past the Great Hall in the museum. Architectural details frame the visual designs that nod to the prehistoric era and the well known S.U.E. the tyrannosaurus rex.
A Glimpse at the Rest of the Space​​​​​​​
Interior Design by Partners by Design. Photography by Pinterest.

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